The Failure!

I never fail, How could this happen to me, Why me what did i do wrong.
Mom never talks of failures, Dad never make us learn to fail, school teaches it neither. Then what is failure?

The idea of failure is more frightening than failure itself. It is not a defeat but a pause for us to stop, introspect and understand is it the right door we are knocking if yes then why isn’t it opening did we follow the right path?

Someone close told me that for becoming good in something all you need is to make yourself believe that you are good at it, you love it and this is what you always wanted to do.

Despite everything i failed this time, horribly i failed and nobody taught me what do we do when we fail. It is not that i wasn’t aware of it but may be too afraid to talk about it. I have my share of sleepless nights and tears of sorrow, where the nights are mine and days i sleep. I am locked in a cage it feels, little did i know its locked inside. The darkness here beholds me I hope I break this cage and read this once again and smile!


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